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Secure your communications

Defend your airwaves

Catch them, before they catch you

Stop wireless interception attacks

Defeat IMSI catchers

Tactero defends your cellular and Wi-Fi communications from IMSI catchers, rogue access points, and similar attacks against your radio access networks.

IMSI catchers are used by advanced adversaries to intercept cellular voice, data, and SMS communications.

IMSI catchers silently downgrade encryption and other security mechanisms to locate devices, steal sensitive information, and inject malicious data onto the targeted device.  Tactero is the only effective defense against these advanced attacks.

2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi network defense

Distributed mesh network of sensors

Real-time data processing and alerting

Machine learning algorithms for false positive reduction

Fixed and portable solutions available

Cellular Network Defense

  • Detect and fingerprint cellular base stations
  • Analyze the behavior of new and existing stations to detect malicious activity
  • Alert when malicious base stations (IMSI catchers) are detected

Wi-Fi network defense

  • Detect rogue Wi-Fi base stations
  • Monitor Wi-Fi networks for malicious activity
  • Protect IoT devices on Wi-Fi networks
  • Inventory Wi-Fi devices in your location


  • Protect Bluetooth, 5G, ZigBee, LoRa and other radio access networks
  • Integrate active countermeasures to disable detected threats
  • Integrate with your existing SOC environment

Passive Features

  • Rogue IMSI/Wi-Fi catcher detection – monitor radio signals and process the signals at the Tactero probes and Tactero server to detect malicious devices
  • 2G/3G/4G communication decoding – focused on the most common cellular radio access technology (5G available as an optional component)
  • Radio spectrum usage & abnormalities – uses software defined radio (SDR) probes to improve detection and reduce false positives

Active Features

  • Cell locking & attach attempt – connect to malicious devices to catalog their activity
  • Device fingerprinting – build database of IMSI/Wi-Fi catcher behavior

Optional Features

  • Jamming – active methods of neutralizing rogue devices once detected
  • Honeypot – active method of feeding IMSI/Wi-Fi catcher false data to thwart attackers

Presentation Layer

  • Tactero analytics dashboard – centralized GUI presentation and visualization of activity and results
  • Social media notifications – optionally send alerts over social media channels to warn staff of detected threats
  • LED/vibrate notification– Tactero mobile device can alert in the field if a malicious device is detected
  • VIP protection application – a mobile application which protects mobile phone and alerts when malicious devices are detected by Tactero


  • Auto wide-spectrum scanning –scans the full 2G/3G/4G frequency spectrum
  • Channel/cell locking scanning – if a rogue device is detected, Tactero locks to that band for faster analysis, then attempts to connect to the device and catalog additional data about it
  • Received level measures – measures the power of targeted cells for location triangulation
  • Mapping (Google maps) – visualization of the potential location of IMSI/Wi-Fi catchers and known-good devices
  • SDR extensions – customizable monitoring to adjust to future IMSI catcher behaviors or provide additional capability

Probe Types

  • Fixed 2G/3G/4G monitoring station
  • Mobile 2G/3G/4G monitoring station with Bluetooth-based application for alarms and device management
  • Fixed 2G/3G/4G plus Wi-Fi monitoring station
  • Mobile 2G/3G/4G plus Wi-Fi monitoring station with Bluetooth-based application for alarms and device management

Options available for additional radio access network technologies

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